Angry Dave And The Tel Aviv Mission

When Dave Fiquette first came to Tel Aviv, all he wanted to do was shine the light of Jesus on broken people by passing out a few thermoses of coffee and tea to the city’s population of drug addicts and dealers. At that time, there was no ministry, organization, or outreach, government sponsored or otherwise, to help street women. It wasn’t long before the street women found him, knocking on his door and asking for simple things like a bite to eat or a new pair of shoes. They didn’t even seem to notice he was a man, gladly napping on his couch. That was years ago.

His current ministry is the Door of Hope, a homeless mission in the basement of a building located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s red light district, home to 200 houses of prostitution. The men and women that live here live a jungle-existence, focused simply on survival. It’s one thing to know that current trafficking trends are characterized by Israeli women lured into drug addictions and debt bondage, but its another thing to visit the Door of Hope in Tel Aviv and see it played out before your very eyes. But it is fully another thing to live, eat, breathe, and sleep the reality of the door of hope like Dave does.

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