Are Prostitutes Slaves?

To misunderstand prostitution is to misunderstand the nature of the commercial sex industry.
by, JB Mavrich

This month at ExodusCry we're featuring Bangkok, Thailand as our City-in-Focus. Bangkok is famous for the commercial sex trade, but that also means it is rife with misunderstanding, even within the church in the west. In this three part series, I'm uncovering 3 wrong ideas about the sex trade in Bangkok in an effort to shed sensational ideas of the sex trade, and get the heart of Jesus. Helping me is Annie Dieselberg, half missionary (in Bangkok's Nana Sukhumvit district) , half CEO (of NightLight Designs), but entirely on the front lines of the war to save women's souls and bodies from the commercial sex trade. This is part two in the series.

MYTH #2: Women who are are prostitutes by choice are not enslaved.

Most of the women Annie ministers to are prostituting themselves in the commercial sex district, in clubs and bars. That means they go home every night instead of being locked in a room. It means they collect a paycheck that dwarfs the salary of college graduates in the country. It means that they were probably trafficked, but migrated to the city from the country in search of work, or that if they were trafficked, they have since accepted their fate and chosen to remain a prostitute. To the degree we're disappointed to hear that, or that these women claim a dubious victim-status, that is the degree to which have a sensational understanding of the issues.

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