Book Review: Jesus Loves You

Craig Gross' new book rebrands the most powerful message: the Gospel
by, Bret Mavrich

If Craig Gross has a bumper sticker, it probably reads, “I’d rather be debating porn stars.” Let me explain.

Craig has a ministry that is the quintessence of “edgy.” He regularly attends pornography conventions. His ministry hands out special bibles with the message “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” printed on the cover. His church, positioned on the main drag of Las Vegas, is called The Strip Church. His ministry targets prostitutes and members of the porn industry. He travels around the country in a tour bus debating the famed pornographer Ron Jeremy. Craig boasts that he's got dozens of porn-star contacts in his phone, and few "ministry" contacts. Like I said, he’s edgy.

And it’s no mystery why he tends to be a lightening rod for the debate over modern missions and presentations of the gospel. He gets blasted by critics for watering down the gospel so much that people don't forsake sin in order to get saved. And people in Craig's camp fire shots back at Christians who are too concerned with hell and damnation to actually love people out of it.

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