From Dehumanization To Destiny

by Erika Ramsey

To glance into a persons eyes is to glare into their soul. One glance can reveal countless joys... and countless evils. One glance can change your mood, or make you feel a certain way. It can also betray a feeling the possessor is trying desperately to conceal. One glance can convey an endless depth of emotion. One glance can trigger a mountain of lies. It can reveal a lifetime of secrets, hurts and pains. It can also reveal a lifetime of truths, accomplishments, and joys. It can invite and it can push away. One glance can lure, seduce and destroy. Another can comfort, protect and give life. One glance can say "I love you" a thousand times without the lips ever having to part. It can also say "I hate you" and subsequently murder a soul. One glance can captivate a heart and the next can pulverize it.

One glance can determine a destiny. Yours or theirs. One glance from a pimp or trafficker can change a life... but never for good. One glance from a John can shatter a heart... again. One glance from another victim can voice a million silenced screams. One glance in a mirror can will the numbness to cloud over for one more day.

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