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  • Tabitha’s Wardrobe

    Once rescued, many victims of sexual exploitation enter the rehabilitation process with the clothes they are wearing and nothing more. The transition is made from being “owned” by a pimp or madam to learning to live as an individual of worth and value. Many of these women have rarely, if ever, received a gift. After...

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  • South Korea

    South Korea is renown for having one of the world’s most resilient praying churches and global missions movement. We prepared to send a team to its capital city Seoul, hoping to plug Exodus Cry into the nation’s expansive network of intercession while spreading awareness about sex trafficking. The prevalence of prostitution in South Korea is...

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  • Freedom

    The current trend towards pervasive hyper-sexualized behavior has flown under the banner of progress and freedom. Our western society has cast off conservative values to embrace a new expression of sexuality and freedom. Traditional views of purity are considered prudish while promiscuity is heralded as achievement. The rhetoric surrounding this movement beckons us to be...

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  • $10,000 In 10 Days

    FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN (July 6th-13th) 10 Days to raise $10,000 to send our Incurable Fanatics screening teams on the road! We are still in need of finances in order to send out our teams. REWARDS Top 5 givers will receive a Nefarious: Merchant of Souls merchandise packet which includes: Nefarious: Merchant of Souls DVD signed by director and producer Benji Nolot “Hold...

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