Threads Of Healing

by Kezia Hatfield

I recently attended The Call to Community Action Conference which focused on child prostitution. I come from a background of Clinical Psychology and overseas missions, so I already was already familiar with the subject matter and many of the standard elements of a solution. But the conference brought me clarity on an important part of the effort to reach out to victims. While child prostitution, human trafficking, and psychology are all vast subjects, the foundational issue is profoundly simple: relationship. Throughout the conference, the subject of relationship stood out to me as the common thread. Whether it was in a survivor’s story, an account of a criminal case, or a result from an outreach program, the opportunity for a supportive relationship was always the introduction of hope.

At the opening of the conference, Senator Sam Brownback stated that the solution to this cycle of abuse begins with the rebuilding of relationships, one by one. The fact is that every girl or women taken captive is vulnerable in some way, and that vulnerability is usually the result of a lack of supportive relationships.

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