Where Are All The Kids In Cages?

Sex slavery is as grisly a reality as anyone could imagine. But, believe it or not, it can be exaggerated.
by, JB Mavrich

When it comes to commercial sex trade, the church is extremely vulnerable to sensationalism. Sensationalism is when we take the most scintillating aspects of sex trade-- the stuff that would make for a really good movie-- and present it out of proportion to other facts. In this three part series, I want to address some of the distortions that keep us from really feeling the Lord's heart for victims in the commercial sex trade. I asked Annie Dieselberg, CEO of NightLight ministries, what are some of the worst misconceptions that the church has about the the commercial sex trade in Bangkok. After all, she's on the front lines, walking the streets of Bangkok's sex-tourism districts (namely, Nana Sukhumvit) and reaching out to some of the most forgotten and marginalized women in the world.

MISCONCEPTION #1 Bangkok is full of trafficked children in cages.

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