• Hold On CD

Hold On CD


Inspired by our documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, this eclectic collection of songs remembers the plight of the enslaved while celebrating the justice of Jesus that is both here and to come. With diverse expressions ranging from folk to modern worship to hip hop, the compassionate cry on each track will knit your heart to the Lord's purposes in the earth.

Track List:

1. Coming Home - Jonas Park

2. Different Name - John-Scott Young

3. Hold On - Brandon Hampton, Will Reagan (feat. J-May, Kyl)

4. Eyes Of Fire - Zachary Simms

5. Daybreak - Jenna Gane

6. Little Blue Eyes - Michael Ketterer

7. Eyes Of The Lord - Pas Neos & Jessica Barron

8. How He Loves - Will Reagan & Laura Hackett Park

9.  Every Captive Free - Matt Gilman

10. Break Every Chain - Will Reagan & United Pursuit Band

11. Nefarious - Edwin Botero  (feat. J-May)