Abolition Summit 2015 Schedule


August 6, 2015


  • Worship: Jaye Thomas
  • Speaker: Kezia Hatfield


  • Worship: Laura Hackett Park
  • Speaker: Don Brewster


August 7, 2015


  • Worship: Jonas Park
  • Speaker: Christina Rangel



  • Networking Time


  • Worship: Jason Upton
  • Speaker: Andrew Comiskey


August 8, 2015


  • Worship: Misty Edwards
  • Speaker: Melissa Farley



  • Networking Time


  • Worship: Jaye Thomas
  • Speaker: Benjamin Nolot

Main Session Topics

Jesus Made A Way: The Trauma of the Cross and the Power of His Resurrection

Kezia Hatfield

Throughout the course of healing from complex traumas, individuals undergo essential themes such as restored freewill, grieving with hope, relationships based in authentic love, forgiveness, and shared experiences in both joy and pain. All of these contribute to the liberation of hearts and minds. The cross of Christ and His resurrection is what makes this holistic freedom possible. When Jesus put on flesh and became one of us, He was able to intimately identify with all who have suffered injustice and He paid the price for our traumas. Through His resurrection, He showed us that there is life after death and He made a way for eternal redemption and reconciliation in His family.

Defeating Evil and Healing Its Victims

Don Brewster

Jesus has shown us the way. The oppression and cruelty entrenched in human trafficking and sexual exploitation is pervasive and can seem overwhelming. But Jesus has shown us the way to overcome evil. He is the ultimate teacher, and he guides us on a journey of healing and restoration. In this session, we will look at how we can apply the teachings of Jesus to the fight against human trafficking and to the issues we face in our everyday lives.

My Heart’s Freedom

Christina Rangel

Walking a sex trafficking survivor into the fullness of her freedom can be challenging. It is tempting to focus on the physical healing and provide for all of her external needs. These things are important, but the key to success dwells in the freedom of the heart. In this session, Christina Rangel will share her personal walk into freedom. While in prison, she learned that freedom isn’t about a lack of physical restrictions. Instead, true freedom exists when your heart accepts the fullness of who God created you to be. Only then can we experience the true freedom, deliverance, healing, and transformation that comes from embracing our identities as God’s children.

Uniting Man: Becoming a Whole Man by Reconciling Body and Spirit

Andrew Comiskey

Sexual sins stem from a disintegrated life and spread to wreck other lives. When men are cut off from the whole of themselves, they tend to objectify women, and sometimes other men. Because broken masculinity drives most of the sexual woes of our world today, we need a renewed commitment to becoming whole men. Wholeness results from inspired understanding and self-awareness, the grace of Jesus and His members, and a daily commitment to purity. The integrity of our efforts to solve global problems begins at home. Andrew Comiskey will describe how divine love is the key to masculine integration, which for him involved overcoming lust and sexual addiction.

Social Justice is Healing

Melissa Farley

Around the world, inequalities in race, sex, and poverty create pools of marginalized people who are vulnerable. Prostitution is a last-ditch survival tool. Young, poor women of color are at the highest risk for prostitution. How is healing from these brutal injustices possible? In prostitution, there is a crime (buying a human for sexual purposes), a perpetrator (the man who buys her), and a victim (the person being bought and sold for sex). In this presentation, Melissa Farley will discuss justice and men's accountability in the healing process. Audience participation encouraged.

Becoming Christ-like in a Sociopathic Culture

Benjamin Nolot

We live in a culture that is overstimulated and desensitized, resulting in a deepening chasm that separates us from others and mutes our concern for fellow human beings. But Christ modeled a way of being in the world in which he was empathetically connected to those around Him in a deep, personal, and compassionate way. In this session, Benjamin Nolot will speak about how to live out a healing existence in this world through the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ as an empathetic, wounded Healer.


Are you a part of an organization that fights human trafficking? If so, we invite you to have a booth at the Summit! We will have open networking times on Friday and Saturday when Summit attendees will be able to connect with fellow abolitionists and explore the mission and outreach of other organizations. This will be an excellent time to let others know about the work that you are doing.

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