Abolition Summit - Booth FAQs

Booth FAQs

If you have general questions about the Abolition Summit, please read the FAQs ›

Q. May I solicit donations or sell merchandise at my organization’s booth?
A. No, the booths and networking event are intended to be for sharing information and networking. We ask that you neither solicit donations nor sell merchandise at your booth. You are welcome, however, to distribute samples of merchandise for free.

Q. May I recruit potential volunteers or employees at my organization’s booth?
A. Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so. If recruiting is something you are interested in, then we would encourage you to have job descriptions of available positions, applications forms, etc., available to hand to interested individuals.

Q. When will the booths be open?
A. Your booth can be open between noon and 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday, though the official time for the Networking Event is from 4:00-7:00pm Friday and Saturday. All booths must be completely removed from the building by 7:00pm on Saturday.

Q. What is provided for my booth space?
A. Each organization will be provided one table and two chairs in their pre-designated spot. Electrical outlets cannot be guaranteed for each booth space, but there will be space behind each table to set up a small booth backdrop.

Q. Will wifi be available at my booth space?
A. Yes. A publicly available wifi network will be available at the venue. However, we cannot guarantee connectivity due to the large number of attendees, so if you will need wifi we encourage you to bring your own mobile hotspot.

Q. Where will my booth be located?
A. Your booth space will be predetermined before you arrive and located in Bartle Hall-North East building. This is the same building in which the breakout sessions will take place. Booths will be setup in room 2104B and conjoining hallway. 301 West 13th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105.

Q. What days and times are available for me to set up my booth?
A. Friday from 9am-10am. All booths must then be completely removed from the building by 7:00pm on Saturday.

Q. May I leave my booth set up overnight?
A. Yes. However, we recommend that you not leave valuable items at your booth overnight. Exodus Cry will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q. How many people from my organization may attend the Summit?
A. When you choose the “Booth Registration” on the Eventbrite page, that registration will serve as two individual registrations. In other words, two people may attend based upon that one registration without needing to purchase any further tickets. If more than two people from your organization will be attending the Summit, then additional registrations will need to be purchased for each individual. A group discount is available if ten or more tickets are purchased at one time.

Q. May I have food or beverages at my organization’s booth?
A. Yes for personal consumption, and for distribution of free samples, but not for sale.

Q. May I ship my organization’s booth materials to Exodus Cry instead of bringing them with me?
A. No. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this service.