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The greatest justice movements in history were fueled by revolutionaries who effectively used creative media campaigns to share their visions with the world and spur social change. Meet the abolitionists whose outstanding efforts have inspired Exodus Cry to use the power of film to abolish sex trafficking.

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In order to move forward on our mission to end human trafficking, we must reduce the demand for illicit sex. We could end commercial sex slavery today if men stopped purchasing women.

In 2015, Exodus Cry will be launching a global release of our second feature-length documentary. Our goal is to use this film as the foundation for a movement to end the demand for illicit sex. Through the film, we hope to inspire abolitionists who will speak out against the factors that create a toxic culture where men buy women for sex. We will also provide evidence that demonstrates the need to curb demand through legal reform.

Join the movement to end the demand for illicit sex by making a financial contribution to Exodus Cry.

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