What is Intervention?

Exodus Cry Intervention exists as a light in the dark places where sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation occur. The goal is to locate victims and to provide avenues of escape for those who are trapped and want a way out. Our intervention efforts occur in the Kansas City Metro area, across the United States, and around the world.

Locating Victims:

Exodus Cry’s Intervention efforts seek to infiltrate common places of sexual exploitation and trafficking. We investigate strip clubs, brothels, massage parlors, ill-reputed streets, and Internet venues to find victims–women and children with names, faces, and identities–who are being held in bondage.

We locate victims through targeted investigation, intervention, victim assistance, and cooperation with local authorities.

Offering Avenues of Escape:

When we locate a victim, we offer escape and healing through a series of well-orchestrated steps. An important first step is meeting each individual where they are. We remind them that they are a precious human being and that their value is not found in the exploitation of their bodies or the money made from that exploitation. Many victims are lured into slavery because of vulnerabilities and the absence of options. We offer many options on the path to freedom. We encourage them to dream. We invite them to set goals for the future. We walk alongside them and offer holistic support as we help them escape the darkness and move into light.

  • When we make contact with an exploited person, we give them a rescue number where they can reach us any time, day or night.
  • We care for each person by providing a Hope Bag. These bags look very different depending on what each individual needs. For some, the bags are filled with toiletries; for others, groceries, medical care, access to education, or basic necessities for their children are included.
  • When she is ready, we help her escape from her situation and provide her with safe options for a new life.


Physical freedom is not the end of the journey for victims of trafficking and exploitation. Even after a victim has escaped, each step forward can seem paralyzing. Fearing the unknown, they are timid with their first steps. We walk with them during this critical phase. We seek to dignify their worth and humanity and to empower them as they make choices, reach for goals, receive healing, and prepare for the new adventure that God has planned for them. We offer structure and provide:

  • Basic necessities: housing, job skills training, social services, education, healthcare, and more.
  • Restorative care: Addiction recovery, Exodus Cry’s Restoration program, or other restorative programs that fit their individual needs.

“I feel like I've been living in a black tunnel.
But I see a light now and an end to this.” — Young woman Exodus Cry has helped exit the sex industry

Why do we need Intervention?

The number of women and children in slavery is growing, and every day someone’s mother or daughter or son or brother or sister is lured into sex slavery. For many victims, poverty and dreams of a better life make them easy prey for traffickers who lure their victims with promises of a better tomorrow. Tragically, the promises are lies, and dreams become nightmares. Abusive or absentee parents and sexual abuse also turn many young people into vulnerable targets for traffickers who are waiting to find the “right” person at the wrong time. Wherever sex is for sale, there are women and children whose lives and destinies are eroding. We are searching for them so that we might bring them the hope found in Jesus Christ and offer them healing and freedom and an end to pain and oppression.

Our supporters stand at the center of every level of our Intervention work. We would not be able to continue in this crucial work if it were not for your support and prayers. Thank you.

  • $50 covers the cost of two Hope Bags that are given to
    women trapped in sexual exploitation.
  • $600 covers online and in-person outreach for one month.