Letter From Benjamin Nolot

It seems like wherever we go, people are deeply moved when they hear about the issue of human trafficking. I’m always taken aback at the impact just a few stories and statistics can have on people’s lives. And it never ceases to amaze me the generous and heartfelt response evoked from those who learn of the suffering of people they’ve never even met. By far, the question we get more than any other is “how can I help?” One of the most profound ways you can contribute to the fight to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery is to donate financially. It seems like so little. How can our small donations possibly do anything to advance the cause of abolition and bring restoration to the women and children that have been rescued? But the truth is the exact opposite. The reason we feel so helpless is that the issue of human trafficking seems indomitable nearly in every way: global economies crush the poor and make them vulnerable, while organized crime syndicates prey upon them; government corruption at the hightest and lowest levels makes for almost no barrier to these evils. When we see the whole picture, we can easily get intimidated. But that’s not the best way to see the picture, in my opinion. I’m reminded of a story you’ve probably heard before: A man was walking along a beach after a storm had washed thousands of starfish up onto the shore. As he made his way down the beach, one by one he picked up starfish and flung them back into the sea. A passerby saw the man and laughed, saying, “You might as well give that up. It’s a lost cause. Look how many starfish there are—you’ll never make a difference!” In response, the man held up a single starfish and replied, “It makes a difference to this one,” and continued rescuing them one by one. I believe that this is God’s strategy. God raises up people just like you and I who will respond to His heart for the poor and the oppressed, and who will do our part in relieving their suffering, however small. Each hour spent in prayer, each tear shed on their behalf, each dollar donated to the cause—all of it makes a small difference to those who need our help most. I pray that as you consider donating to Exodus Cry and the end of human trafficking, you will remember the starfish. May you gain courage to stand with us against the greatest evil of our times, and to help affect change. Thank you, and God bless, Benjamin Nolot, Founder & Director of Exodus Cry

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