At Exodus Cry, our Prevention efforts focus on eradicating sex trafficking at its root causes and addressing the societal factors that allow slavery to exist. We seek to stop this injustice before it starts so that the victimization of women and children all over the world is eliminated. We focus our prevention efforts on three main areas: mobilizing prayer, raising awareness, and advocating for domestic and international legal reform.

Prayer ››

Our prevention work begins and ends with Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus has come to set the captives free (Luke 4:18), and we are praying daily for the end of human trafficking in all parts of the world. There is no greater weapon against human trafficking than prayer. This truth has been proven to us many times as we have rallied supporters and joined in prayer with friends from all across the United States and around the globe. From the rescue of those enslaved to the closing of brothels to the restoration of young women who are now free, we have seen His powerful works in response to prayer.

Awareness ››

Sex trafficking thrives when it is hidden in the shadows. It becomes a well-kept secret--an out-of-sight, out-of-mind tragedy with victims who are unable to speak for themselves. By bringing light into the darkness and forcing the issue to the forefront of collective awareness, we become a voice for the victims. We become advocates for awareness. As long as we are silent, the injustice will continue. Together we must create social awareness and call for an end to sex trafficking around the world. Our awareness efforts seek to inform and educate the public about the issue and also give ways to work toward the prevention and eradication of sex trafficking.

Legal Reform ››

The Law Reform Team from Exodus Cry works with governments and legislators in the United States and in nations around the world, striving to implement legislation which will prevent sex trafficking and bring justice to the victims and perpetrators. We engage governments by advocating for legal reform, both domestically and internationally. History has shown that government support plays a vital role in abolishing slavery. We are asking political powers to enact and enforce laws that will reduce and eliminate sex trafficking. This is necessary for the perpetuation of freedom in society. We also mobilize support for legislators around the world who are working to combat sex trafficking and advocating for the legal rights of women and children.

The International Labor Organization conservatively estimates that 4.5 million people around the world are currently forced into sexual exploitation and 98% of these victims are women and girls.

These statistics are simply intolerable. But we believe they are also preventable.

With these horrific statistics staring at us, we have chosen to take an offensive stand against this injustice. Prevention is the best form of rescue. If we can prevent any person from being taken captive, we can prevent the trauma before it begins.

Our supporters stand at the center of every level of our Prevention work. We would not be able to continue in this crucial work if it were not for your support and prayers. Thank you.

  • $2,500 puts a van on the road for a three-month awareness tour of Nefarious.
  • $1,125 covers the cost of one US governmental reform trip.
  • $3,280 covers the cost of one international governmental reform trip.