Here on the resources page you can find a wealth of information to aid you in the struggle against human trafficking. There are books, prayer guides, articles, and blogs for you to read and pray through. Fuel for the fire!

Don Brewster Resources

AIM Reintegration Planning Workbook
AIM Reintegration Policy and Procedure
AIM Reintegration Follow-up Questions
Section 1 of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Section 2 of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Section 3 of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

2013 Exodus Cry Abolition Summit Video Teachings

The Power of Love in Restoration by Kezia Hatfield
Enduring Through Brokenness by Dan Allender
Being A Modern-Day Abolitionist by Don Brewster
William Wilberforce: Dramatic Societal Change by David Sliker
Rebuke the Oppressor by Benjamin Nolot
Understanding Exploitation by Annie Lobert


Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce (free eBook) by John Piper


Preventing Sex Trafficking: Reducing Demand for Commercial Sex
Combatting Sex Trafficking: Reducing Demand for Prostituted Persons
Manager's Amendment Adopted to the State/Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill for FY2014
Submission to the New South Wales Australia, Government Inquiry into Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
Targeting the Sex Buyer: The Swedish Model
Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?
The law and economics of international sex slavery
Reform Tip Report Proposal

Pornography and Sex Trafficking

The Slave and the Porn Star: Sexual Trafficking and Pornography


Human Trafficking Statistics

Teaching Notes

Purity in a Pornified World - Part 1
Purity in a Pornified World - Part 2


Brazil Prayer Guide (English)
Brasil Guia de Oração (Portuguese)

2012 Exodus Cry Abolition Summit Audio Teachings

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Restoring the Ancient Path of Abolition by Benjamin Nolot
The Chief Abolitionist by Stuart Greaves
Raising Up Deliverers by Corey Russell
A Global Prayer Movement by Lou Engle
The Heart of an Abolitionist by Don Brewster
The Joy of Justice by Kirk Bennett
Walking in the Darkest Places by Blaire Pilkington
The Journey of Restoration Part 1 by Kezia Hatfield

Portuguese Resources

Ministração Para Vítimas De Exploração Sexual & De Tráfico
Workshop Aboliçao A Igreja Que Ora
Argumentos da Prostituição e Trafico Sexual